Bogota in Pictures

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  1. Kate Herk

    these are really great shots, thanks for sharing

  2. Dick Jackson

    Good stuff. There might even be a commercial market for it. Any Colombians interested?
    Es decir, hay interes Colombiano?

    • Jay Morse

      Despacio pero seguramente (though I’m not sure I said that right, so maybe just “despacio”).

      Miss you too – see you guys soon.

  3. Jeff Martin

    Cuy race? Who knew. Does the loser end up at a roadside barbecue?
    Great shots!

    • Jay Morse

      Thanks Jeff! And I have no doubt – I’ve seen them on sticks in Peru, with their little buck teeth still visible. Tasty.

  4. Mike Tetu

    Glad you made it safely down yonder…eager to hear about the food!
    Super photos, Jay.
    Be good, Amigo. You da man.

    • Jay Morse

      Thanks Michelle!

      Back in DC after the holidays, and I’m ready to get back on the water.

  5. Hola Hijo mug interest the te quiete Tia norma

Jay Morse

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