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I have spent a significant amount of time recently evaluating what it means to be happy. Conceivable answers run the gamut: admiring a bottle-cap magnet collection representing countries visited; realizing, finally, why one says “como estas” (it’s conjugated, knucklehead); witnessing a man in Bogota, newspaper in hand, catching his dog’s feces before it hits the ground; hearing a niece construct a fully grammatically and situationally appropriate sentence; the hackneyed but still valid witnessing of a sunset/sunrise with someone you love; feeling like you might, someday, be able to understand Buddha’s first stage of enlightenment. ¬†Finding relevance, whatever that means. I don’t, of course, know the answer, but this guy might.

Meet Aleksander Gamme, an incredible human being and a Norwegian by birth, on day 86 of his solo trip to the South Pole and back. Maybe happiness comes in seventeen flavors.

Volume up please.


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  1. Michele Morse

    I don’t understand a single word of what he is saying, yet I understand all of it. This video makes my heart happy. Thank you for sharing.

    • Christie Malone

      I ditto, Michele! I may never look at a little package of “junk food” the same again. Beautiful! And thanks for making me laugh out loud. Literally.

  2. Jay Morse

    Christie & Sis – thank you for commenting! And Gamme gets even better – he was attempting to be the first person to ever walk to the South Pole and back, unassisted. He completed the trip on his own, but there were two other gents, Cas and Jonesy (who were completely inexperienced on skis) from New Zealand who were trying to the same thing at the same time (see if you can find “Crossing the Ice” on-line). Cas and Jonesy needed assistance; Gamme did not, but he reached the finish first anyway. Instead of crossing the line, getting the much-deserved glory for himself, he waited for Cas and Jonesy to show up so they could cross together. Pretty amazing.

    • Christie

      Jay & Michele,
      That’s amazing. If we didn’t think he was cool enough after seeing him with his Cheez Doodles! From the trailer and whatnot that I found online it appears that Cas & Jonesy received the most “attention”, but it doesn’t appear that Gamme is about that. His video is the type that, as Michele said, warms the heart! Pretty interesting that these three gents crossed paths out there while treking across the ice. Guess they were supposed to meet each other in this lifetime! Ha! Great story, thanks again for sharing!

  3. Heather Davis

    Puts life into perspective….even if it’s just a little bit. Cheez doodles!

  4. Hollie Acciari

    I am really happy for him and his great find…I just have to wonder if the person who was carrying all of those delightful goodies is buried under the snow within that vicinity…

    • Jay Morse

      Hollie! Great to hear from you. Gamme actually left the bag there himself! He just forgot what he put in there, and I suppose even Cheez Doodles make good company after being alone for almost three months.

  5. Steven Heddy

    What a great story.very inspiring!puts things in PERSPECTIVE!you have the same QUALITIES.look in the mirror and REALIZE your the same thing to a lot of you and the journey your on!

    • Jay Morse

      Steve my friend, I appreciate that. Let’s go find our own Cheez Doodles.

Jay Morse

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